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The Millisecond Window To Becoming the Man You Wish To Be

Reacting vs responding and how being in a constant state of reaction disconnects you from your masculine core.

If you genuinely want to become more rooted in your masculine and to feel really powerful in your body then learning to respond instead of react is where it’s at. It’s a really simple practice but quite profound.

If you were to follow all of my messages down to their source, they all stem from one thing and that is teaching men and couples how to choose love over fear.

Fear is reaction.

Love is responsive.

When we go into fear, when the primal brain senses threat to any of our vital needs, the blood from our forebrain gets squeezed into our primal brain. We literally become dumber when we are stressed. This causes us to react. To lash out, run or protect ourselves.

There is a little millisecond of space between the external stimulus that’s triggering you and your automatic response to protect yourself. And in that space is gold. In that space is choice. In that space is where you connect to your deepest power.

The goal is to first become aware of the space between the trigger and the reaction and to sit between the two. To feel what’s coming up for you. To feel what your body wants to unconsciously do next. Just feel it. Become aware.

And as you continue to practice sitting in this space between, day in and day out, the window of space opens gradually more and more.

The second goal is to start to get comfortable in the space between - getting comfortable without having to take action. To just feel. To sit and experience what your body so desperately wants to do in this split second moment.

Once you’ve practiced enough that you have stretched in space between, you’ve become comfortable with it and you’ve taught the body that you are safe when you aren’t taking unconscious action... Then you move into the last step.

Choice. Connecting to what you truly want. To your purpose. Direction. Vision. And you choose your next move in ALIGNMENT with your values. This is the most powerful place you can be as a man. This is the most powerful place you can be as a person, to be honest. Choice is power.

Making a choice in alignment with your true self is responding to a situation instead of reacting. This is a man who is unshakeable. This is a man who knows where he is going and a little bit of fear is not going to stop him. And this is the man that every woman wants.



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