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Stop Looking For The Perfect Partner

Every year, my colleagues and I meet in Greece for what we call the Pussy Mansion. We spend time in a beautiful home in Crete working, enjoying life together and creating content for our audiences.

It's my first day back here since before the pandemic and I feel the magic rising already. I had a powerful session with one of my clients and felt called to share a bit of inspiration from our call.

One of his questions was around how he is supposed to know if he should end a relationship or keep it going and how to not get fomo if he finally settles on a partner.

I absolutely loved these questions and I think a lot of men struggle with “maybe there's something better out there than what I've got” mentality.

I got to share one of my most near and dear teachings - the difference between looking for the perfect partner and creating the perfect love.

You see, most people have a list of what they are looking for. They think if they can just find the “right” person, someone who can tick all their boxes, then they will be happy and fulfilled.

But a better approach is looking for a woman who is committed to healing and growing. There is nothing more fulfilling than a relationship with a person who takes radical responsibility for their part and is committed to unblending from their narratives that prevent them from giving and receiving love. That woman is constantly growing and changing - you will never get bored of her because once you get used to the version she is now, she's up leveled to the next. She's always going to be a little more beautiful, a little more interesting, a little more loveable - because that's what happens when we dissolve our destructive narratives around our self concept - we become more and more attractive.

And when you land a woman like this, you won't feel like looking for something better because a woman like this is incredibly precious. There are many physically beautiful women in the world - but there are fewer women committed to overcoming themselves, taking radical responsibility and willing to do what it takes to heal with her masculine man relentlessly. This is available for you.

Creating the perfect love is a container of commitment to healing and growth together as a team. It's a formula for infinite and expansive love and one long, endless, spiral upward in sexual attraction and fulfillment.

It's the story society left out.

With Extraordinary love,

Justina Victoria

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