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Justina Victoria Men's Sex Coach Psychosexual Expert for men Cure for erectile dysfunction Performance anxiety cure men's mental health Men's sexuality porn addiction masculine energy dating advice for men coach for men


dedicated to connecting men to the depth of their purpose, power, truth and heart & deepening pleasure and intimacy in the experience of love & sex. 



Justina Victoria is a psychosexual expert specializing in working with men and couples. She has an astounding 100% success rate in curing ED and sexual anxieties with her 1:1 clients. With years of experience, Justina has developed a unique approach and solutions to addressing a wide range of issues that plague men - everything from more powerfully embodying masculine energy, fear of rejection & failure, conscious dating, creating conscious relationships, healing heartbreak, recovering from “nice guy syndrome”, porn addiction, conquering self sabotage, healing childhood wounding, erectile dysfunction, sexual anxieties and overcoming fears, phobias and trauma that are unique to men in their love and sex lives. 

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Justina Victoria Men's Sex Coach, Psychosexual Expert for men, cure erectile dysfunction, masculine and feminine energy dynamics for men, relationship advice for men, sex therapist for men, sexual mastery NYC, cure performance anxiety, how to pleasure a woman sexually
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Testimonial 3 Justina Victoria Sex coach for men NYC Cork Ireland
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Podcasts featuring interviews with Justina Victoria

Justina Victoria So Hard Podcast A Sexuality Podcast for Men Psychosexual expert for men, men's sex coach NYC, Men's sex coach Cork Ireland, sex therapist for men
Justina Victoria So Hard Podcast A Sexuality Podcast for Men Psychosexual expert for men, men's sex coach NYC, Men's sex coach Cork Ireland, sex therapist for men
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Justina Victoria is the founder of The Boys Club & Sexual Mastery NYC / Ireland.


She coaches men to create the mind-blowing sex, love and intimacy they crave. 

Justina is a certified Sex, Love & Relationship coach through The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, trained by Layla Martin, world renown sex coach.

She is an expert in men's love & sex, working with men for many years. She has a vast understanding of what men want and need to feel fulfilled in their love lives.

Justina helps men to step fully in their masculine power and feel confident in life and love. She has immense wisdom in the mysteries of love, emotional development, communication, relationship dynamics, masculine energy and sexuality. 

Her expertise include:

  • Sexual confidence

  • Pleasuring your partner with ease

  • Performance anxiety & penis insecurity

  • Dependence on porn

  • Healthy relationships

  • Finding purpose

  • Healing after heartbreak or divorce

  • Deepening love & intimacy

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Sexual anxieties

  • Trauma 

  • Polyvagal Theory 

  • Masculine / Feminine energy dynamics

  • Anxiety & Depression 

  • Health Anxiety 

In her years of experience, Justina has encountered and helped men remedy a myriad of issues preventing them from living their most fulfilling sexual life including: 

  • Lack of confidence with women

  • Sexual shame

  • Fear of commitment 

  • Communication 

  • Purpose

  • Wanting to feel more during sex

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Justina Victoria Sex Coach for Men NYC Cork Ireland, psychosexual expert for men, men's sex coach
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