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What if you were in complete control of how much porn you watch, instead of being held hostage to urges? What if masturbation supported you to thrive, made you feel energetic, nourished and fulfilled, instead of draining you?


This 4 week journey will free you from the porn loop, show you how to become more grounded and balanced emotionally and teach you how to use self pleasuring as a source of nourishment & power - changing the way you experience pleasure forever. 

The Porn Detox

There is very little knowledge or education for men on how to regulate their nervous systems and to feel balanced emotionally and powerful in their bodies. Many men are suffering the consequences of taking their emotional frustrations and overwhelm out on their cocks, losing sensitivity to pleasure and creating a deadening and disconnected relationship to their penis. 

Porn and masturbation are typically the go to self soothing technique that men utilize, relied upon so heavily that it becomes dysregulating. This loop of trying to regulate and becoming even more dysregulated is the issue at the heart of porn dependence.

In this rite, I will show you how to regulate stress and overwhelming emotions in a way that adds to your core power and self confidence. Returning sexual pleasure to exactly that - genuine pleasure and nourishment that fills your cup. 



The Porn Detox is for you IF:

  • Porn makes you feel deflated, drained or like you can't "kick" it.

  • You want to experience higher realms of pleasure that you didn't know were possible.

  • You want to feel good about yourself, confident and powerful your masculinity.

  • You want to last longer and feel nourished, fulfilled and grounded from orgasm.

  • you've tried to stop watching porn in the past but it feels like it's a weight around your ankle or making you it's bitch, this course is for you.


Though this rite is called The Porn Detox - you won't be removing porn entirely from your life, but building a new relationship to pleasure in general. Moving from furiously jerking it into a numbed out millisecond orgasm < to lasting waves of nourishing orgasmic pleasure, groundedness and confidence.





Men's Sex Coach. 

Men's Expert.

Master Teacher. 

Justina Victoria 

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