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The Porn Detox: Week 1

Week 1: Orgasmic Homework


Spend time this week filling out the worksheet: Identifying Porn Triggers

Porn Triggers.jpg


Review the lecture video and follow along with these PDF bullet-points. The more you refresh or "practice" these principles, the more impact you will experience! 

the porn detox week 1


Answer the following questions on the worksheet: Sexual Shame & Guilt

Sexual Shame & Guilt.jpg


This week's Orgasmic Meditation is the felt sense pleasure practice. The best way to complete this practice is to first be in a place where you feel safe and you won't be disturbed. Put intention into your self pleasuring practice by making your space comfortable. Bring down the lights, light a candle or even spray your favorite scent on your bed. Remove all of your clothes. Next, play music in the background that you find extremely pleasurable while listening and following along to the recording. Remember, while you are doing this practice, you want to focus ALL of your awareness on the pleasurable sensations you feel in your penis, testicles and entire "root" area. When you feel any uncomfortable feelings come up, smile, say YES YES YES! to them and imagine welcoming those sensations into your heart, then refocus back on sensations of pleasure. Commit to doing this practice everyday until week 2 begins.

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Felt Sense Pleasure Justina Victoria - SMNYC
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